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Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck-Connection Type

EEPM-C Series

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  1. Super power magnetic force 1250 kgf/100 cm2(4 poles), can meet various machining process.
  2. Structure of Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck, no electric power supply required to keep the chuck On, it could be used for long time and never get temperatures to affect the accuracy of workpiece.
  3. Using innovation series and parallel connection modular system, EEPM-C provides a more economic solution to hold various size workpiece. Flexible units could be deployed with various quantities, locations, and distance to each other depending on customers' various workpiece shapes. Save time and cost during machining and increase the accuracy that makes the goods have higher quality and value.
  4. According to the size of the workpiece [point] hold the workpiece, changing the magnetic fixture [surface] clamp the workpiece, 100% use of the chuck in an all-round way. Can reduce equipment costs and increase more profits.
  5. Without any obstructed movement of cutters during machining. Can do 5-sides machining, drilling, tapping, grooving and forming can be done all in one cycle. This greatly enhances work efficiency, and reduces repeated positioning tolerances to achieve best machining accuracy.
Customer can choose EEPM-C Series refer following steps:
  1. Choose chuck numbers according to Voltage and workpiece required.
  2. Choose Chuck Controller.
  3. Choose Chuck Connection Cables
    (Length : 500 mm; 1000 mm; 1500mm)
Note: A maximum of 16 chucks can be connected to one controller. If the workpiece dimension requests more than 16 chucks please choose two groups.
EEPM-C Series Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck-Connection Type