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We applied these core knowledges to rebuild our own plant with intelligent IOMM (internet of machine and MagVise) system, which have excellent production efficiency and product quality.


Developed Permanent Electro-Magnet, Applied with robot arm for automatic production & transport line of medical equipment, machine, laboratory equipment. Clamping the workpiece by permanent magnetic structure. Prevent workpiece drop even power supply failure. With nature north pole magnetism, reverse to be south pole magnetism after power supply. Enable clamp & de-clamp process.


To cooperate with domestic famous manufacturers on overall planning automation and intelligent production in the future demand of the Industry 4.0 market.

Developed Electromagnet ECM Series are used for automatic robotic arm with modular design.


Developed Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck, EEPM-A/EEPM-CIRA/EEPM-CIRSA Series (Cubic Pole 35mm square) for thin, small workpiece machining.


Developed Electro-Permanent Lifting Magnet (Battery Type) EPLM(B) Series are used on moving large iron, steel plate at indoor or outdoor. Structure of Battery Type (Lithium battery) Permanent magnetic design, No power supply required to keep the magnetic chuck ON.

Award by UKAS with ISO9001:2015 qualification.


Improved ELM permanent lifting magnet Series structure. New nickel-plated design, avoid paint peeling off, keep ELM new. Apply for (Design Patent), avoid illegal copy and ensure customers purchase rights.

Expanded universal voltage, from single voltage to AC220V-AC480V. Develop Human Machine Interface touch screen system, feedback operation status from screen page.


Launched Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck (EEPM-PIM Series) of Quick Mold Change System for Plastic Injection Machine at TAIPEI PLAS 2014. Live Demonstrations together with Victor Taichung, Chen Hsong Group and Fu Chun Shin Group exhibition.


Award the 21th Taiwan Excellence of Ministry of Economic Affairs for EEPM-C Series. Implement ERP enterprise resource planning systems management, for enterprises to optimize resource allocation, improve efficiency.

Developed Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck EEPM-PIM Series for Plastic Injection Machine, with super power magnetic force 1250kgf/100cm2 (4 pole).

Golden Hand Award for outstanding SMEs.


Award the 19th Taiwan SMEs Innovation of Ministry of Economic Affairs for EEPM-C Series.


Developed Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck, EEPML Series are used on Linear Guideway, high precision for high accuracy oblong shape workpiece drilling, grinding machining...etc. Acquired the patent in Taiwan.

Developed Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck, EEPM-C Series are used on Vertical Lathe, CNC Machining Center and Double Column Machining Center for machining big workpiece machining. Acquired the patent in Taiwan and China. Patent applications in progress: U.S.A., Japan, Korea, Germany, and Italy.


The above developed new products award the 18th Taiwan Excellence qualification of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Good Design Product qualification.


Engage in R&D of more products actively, such as MagVise Magnetic Workholding Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck EEPM-CIR, EEPM-CIT Series and acquire the patent in U.S.A., Germany, Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan.


Integrated related series products, the original design of MagVise Workholding products are used in vertical and horizontal CNC Machining Center, Milling Machines and vertical lathe. Changed the sense of clamping way on traditional metal working and improve the technical development of machine tools. Since then, the sales activities have been extended quickly. Award the 16th Taiwan Excellence qualification of Ministry of Economic Affairs for ECB Series and award Good Design Product qualification for ELM Series.


Developed Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck, EEPM Series. Expanded factory in Wu-Chi Industry Park.

Started operation in new factory on March. Introduced Quality Management System, constructing management rules and training supervisor. Award by UKAS with ISO9001:2000REV qualification. Award Good Design Product qualification for EEPM Series.


Developed ECB Series and Passed the SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) project by Department of Industrial Technology. Acquired New Taiwan Dollar two million in rewards for this project. Also acquired ECB Series Patent in U.S.A., Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan.


In accordance to market change and demand, invested in human and material resources. A lot of series products have been developed since then. Acquire two patents of ELM permanent lifting magnet Series on structure improvement.


Developed and acquire the patent of Permanent Magnetic Clamping Block and ECB Series.


Continually developed magnetic base and magnetic V-Block series.


Developed and acquired two patents for ELM permanent lifting magnet. Built up its brand and to market all over the world. Sine this year, positive to attend worldwide machine tools exhibitions and started to focus in the machine tool market.


Moved to Shalu Town in Taichung and cooperated with known enterprise of Japan in magnetic tools on Original Equipment Manufacturer Began to research, develop and manufacture magnetic tools in the same year.


The representative director Mr. Richard Wang established Earth-Chain Enterprise Co., Ltd. in Chingshuei Town and engaged in Original Equipment Manufacturer of metal parts at initial stage. Acquired Patents of Hydraulic Vise with lever type on 1990 & 1992.