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What Is Electro-Permanent Battery-Powered Lifting Magnets and How Does It Work?

Electro-Permanent Battery-Powered lifting magnets are a type of lifting magnet that uses an ultra-strong permanent electromagnet to lift objects. The magnet is powered by a battery, so it does not require a continuous power supply. This makes it ideal for use in outdoor or hazardous environments where there is no access to electricity.

A wireless remote control activates the battery-powered electromagnetic lifting magnet. Once the magnet is activated, it will create a strong magnetic field that will attract the workpiece to be lifted. The lifting operation can be easily handled by controlling the electromagnetic lifting magnet with the remote control.

Key Features of Earth Chain's Battery-Powered Lifting Magnets

  • Battery-Powered Permanent Magnet Electric Hoist Design Structure:

    Our battery-powered lift magnet is equipped with an ultra-strong permanent magnet - neodymium iron boron (rare earth NdFeB), which does not require a continuous power supply after magnetization. It also features a power outage safety design, preventing the risk of dropping due to low battery levels or abnormalities after suspending the workpiece.

  • Low-voltage safety warning system:

    The microchip, coupled with our proprietary circuitry design, allows real-time detection and monitoring of lithium battery power through the screen. This system provides crucial information to operators, ensuring that they have the necessary power for safe and efficient lifting operations and that the electromagnetic lifting magnet will not lose power unexpectedly, which could cause the object to be dropped.

  • Precision magnetic adjustment feature:

    Our electromagnetic lifting magnets are equipped with a precision magnetic adjustment mechanism. Through the operation of the circuit board to increase or decrease magnetism, it can provide the most suitable suction force selection for different workpiece sizes and thicknesses. This makes it ideal for lifting a variety of objects, from small to large

  • Proximity sensor device:

    To enhance safety, a proximity sensor device is integrated into our lifting magnets. When the hoisting and lifting are started, the wireless remote control device can't carry out any operation to prevent any incorrect operation causing the workpiece to drop down. This adds an extra layer of safety to the magnet, preventing accidents from happening.

What Are Some Specific Applications for Electro-Permanent Battery-Powered Lifting Magnets?

Battery-powered Electro-Permanent lifting magnets are ideal for lifting and moving large iron and steel plates. They are also used in a variety of other applications, such as:

  • Moving heavy machinery
  • Lifting construction materials
  • Loading and unloading trucks and ships
  • Recycling metal
  • Manufacturing

Customization Services

Earth Chain also offers customization services for our electromagnetic battery-powered lifting magnets. We can customize the magnets to meet your specific needs, such as the lifting capacity, magnetic force, and size.

Earth Chain's battery-powered lifting magnets are the perfect solution for lifting and moving large iron and steel plates. They are safe, reliable, and easy to use. Contact Earth Chain today to learn more about our products and services.