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Earth-Chain is confident with ability offering customized products for various users. 

At present, the sales of customized products have exceeded 40% of total sales amount, which shows Earth-Chain superb magnetic application technology.

In recent years, Earth-Chain has actively integrated CNC machine tools, magnetic clamping system, robotic arms and other automated peripheral devices to provide total solution services to reduce the labor time and operational complexity required for customers in industrial applications and processes. Start a new age of Industry 4.0 smart magnetic automation. 

Below are the introductions of a part of our customized products:

Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck EEPML Series
Used on Linear Guideway high precision or high accuracy oblong shape workpiece drilling, grinding machining…etc.


  • Structure of Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck, 1-3 seconds control fo power ON & OFF. No electric power supply required to keep the chuck ON.
  • EEPM Chucks can be connected and one controller can be control muti-EEPM Chucks.
  • Linear guideway or long strip workpieces can be fully clamped by EEPM Chucks for increasing grinding accuracy.
  • It could be used for long time and never get temperatures to affect the accuracy of workpieces.


  • Suitable for small, medium and large of linear guideway high precision or long strip workpieces. 
  • Using induction block can be increased the precision of linear guideway grinding.

Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck EEPM-PIM Series

Quick Mold Change Systems for Plastic Injection Machine


  • Electro-Permanent Magnetic system: 2~10 seconds control for power ON & OFF. No power supply required to keep the magnetic chuck on, Safety in case of power failure. Never get temperatures and deformation mold.
  • Magnetic force depends on the mold needs, with 3 sizes pole can choose.
  • Magnetic chuck is dual poles (N/S poles), no magnetize machine frame and equipment relative parts.
  • The clamping force is distributed consistently along the whole mold surface reduce product burs and increase mold duration.
  • Significantly reduce mold setting time up to 70%; shorten delivery time, increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Improve the strength and parallelism of machine movable/ stationary plate and machine frame.
  • Increase clamping area by 20%, perform clamping on all molds shapes, reduce burrs and the amount of mold maintenance.
  • Can be used with a working temperature up to 120℃, higher product safety.
  • No oil working environment, stable quality, applying for high working specification of germfree/dustfree.