Quick Mold Change Systems for Plastic Injection MachineEEPM-PIM SERIES

  • Electro-Permanent Magnetic system: 2~10 seconds control for power ON & OFF. No power supply required to keep the magnetic chuck on, Safety in case of power failure. Never get temperatures and deformation mold.
  • Magnetic force depends on the mold needs, with 3 sizes pole can choose.
  • Magnetic chuck is dual poles (N/S poles), no magnetize machine frame and equipment relative parts.
  • The clamping force is distributed consistently along the whole mold surface reduce product burs and increase mold duration.
  • Significantly reduce mold setting time up to 70%; shorten delivery time, increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Improve the strength and parallelism of machine movable/ stationary plate and machine frame.
  • Increase clamping area by 20%, perform clamping on all molds shapes, reduce burrs and the amount of mold maintenance.
  • Can be used with a working temperature up to 120℃, higher product safety.
  • No oil working environment, stable quality, applying for high working specification of germfree/dustfree.

Pole Specification (Height of magnetic field)

EEPM-PIM designed for different mold thickness. Specify the mold to be Large, Medium and Small sizes, make 3 poles size. Different pole sizes have different magnetic field height to ensure mold clamping safety.

Model No.Pole SizeChuck heightMagnetic field heightMagnetic Force
(kgf/ 4 poles)
EPM-PIM-B Series 50x50 35~60 25 1250 ±5%
EPM-PIM-D Series 70x70 70 40 2800 ±5%
EPM-PIM-E Series 92x92 80 50 4800 ±5%