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Electro-Permanent Milling Magnetic Chuck EEPM-A.B.D.E Series
Product Description
Suitable for CNC Vertical machining center
(Can do 5 sides machining)

Magnetism Level

Flux Line

Bipolar Technology

Space Capacity of Mold

  • 1-6 seconds control for power ON & OFF. No electric power supply required to keep magnetic chuck ON and provides maximized safety in case of power failure. Never get temperatures to affect the accuracy of workpieces.
  • With 8 Magnetic levels for different workpiece size and application to avoid sticking the iron chip.
  • Capable for 5 sides machining and un-obstructed cutter movement during machining. Allow workpiece machining finished in one cycle, while still achieving best machining accuracy and highly increased working efficiency.
  • Easy and convenient to clamp a workpiece, shortens clamping time.
  • Minimum size of workpiece required as 4 alternate magnetic square poles and above contacts is necessary for optimum clamping.
  • More functions for cooperate with Induction Block and Spring Block. (See the detail of Option Accessories)

Specification of poles size & Height of magnetic field (Flux Line)
MODEL NO Pole Size Fiux Line Workpiece  Application Magnetic force
EEPM-A Series  35×35 mm  15 mm Thin, small Cutting, milling 580 ±5% kgf/4 poles
EEPM-B Series   50×50 mm  25 mm Small, medium 1250 ±5% kgf/4 poles
EEPM-D Series   70×70 mm  40 mm Medium, large 2800 ±5% kgf/4 poles
EEPM-E Series   92×92 mm  50 mm Large 4800 ±5% kgf/4 poles