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End Mill Re-SharpenerEMG Series
Product Description
Easy Fast Precision
Product Introduction

                     EMG-1325(Ø12mm ~ Ø25mm)

EMG-413 (Ø4mm-Ø13mm)

2pcs SDC Wheels included (For carbide End Mill only.)


ER collets

Model NO.EMG-413EMG-1325
Capacity Ø4mm ~ Ø13mm Ø12mm ~ Ø25mm
Drill Angle End Mill Re-Sharpener (Easy Fast Precision) EMG-1325
Grinding Wheel SDC Wheel #300 for Ø4mm ~ Ø5m  CBN #150 x 1PC
SDC Wheel #300/#120 for Ø6mm ~ Ø13mm SDC #150 x 1PC
Motor 3/4 HP 450W 1000W
R.P.M. 6000 R.P.M. 4300 R.P.M.
Power Supply AC110V or AC220V Single Phase
Weight 17 KGS 31 KGS

Collets Holder

Model NO.EMG-413EMG-1325
ER collets Ø4mm ~ Ø13mm x 10pcs Ø12mm ~ Ø25mm x 6pcs
SDC Wheel #300 x 1pcs (Ø4mm ~ Ø5mm) CBN #150 x 1PC
SDC Wheel #300 #120 x 1pcs (Ø6mm ~ Ø13mm) SDC #150 x 1PC
Collet Holder 1pc (for 2 and 4 flutes End Mill) 1pc (for 2 and 4 flutes End Mill)
Collet Holder 1pc (for 3 flutes End Mill) 1pc (for 3 flutes End Mill)
Hexagon Wrench 4mm x 1pc 4mm x 1pc

SDC and CBN wheel

Model NO.Description
EMG-413-1D SDC Wheel #300 (for Ø4mm ~ Ø5mm)
EMG-413-2D SDC Wheel #300 / #120 (for Ø6mm ~ Ø13mm)
EMG-413-1C CBN Wheel #300 (for Ø4mm ~ Ø5mm)
EMG-413-2C CBN Wheel #300 / #120 (for Ø6mm ~ Ø13mm)
EMG-1225-1D SDC Wheel #150 (for Ø12mm ~ Ø25mm)
EMG-1225-1C CBN Wheel #150 (for Ø12mm ~ Ø25mm)
***SDC Wheel for carbide End Mill.
***CBN Wheel for HSS End Mill.