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Permanent Magnetic Clamping Block ECB Series


Suitable for medium & large workpiece. (Can do 5 sides machining)

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  1. The all new model Magnetic Clamping Block ECB Series are a new sense of clamping way for metal working on CNC Machining Center and Milling Machine in quick clamp workpieces.
  2. Free to set up position, numbers and distance of Magnetic Clamping Block according to the size of workpiece.
  3. The ECB Series including changeable Induction Soft Block. It can be revised the surface to be 100% accuracy on the machine for clamp workpieces. Can be also cutting, drilling, tapping and slotting directly to the Induction Soft Block during machining workpiece. Multi-function of Induction Soft Block, the user can make it by themselves according to workpiece required.
  4. Two machining circle for finish workpiece machining, increase a lot of machining efficiency and achieve accuracy required.
  1. Most suitable for medium and large size of workpiece machining on milling machine and CNC machining center.
  2. Minimum size of workpiece required as bigger than an area of two Magnetic Clamping Blocks.
  3. The Magnetic Clamping Blocks are not suitable for small workpiece clamping.
  1. Please always make sure the Switch was in ON position before machining.
  2. The Magnetic Clamping Blocks are not suitable for non-magnetic material, such as brass, copper, aluminum and stainless steel, etc.
  3. The principle of Magnetic Clamping Blocks is magnetism of N. S. poles, so please always put the workpiece between N. S. poles.
    (The middle of top clamping range)