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Product Description
Easy to operate, no experience required for cutting a precise tool.
Product Introduction

Ø3mm ~ Ø16mm

For SDC Wheel

Carbide END Mill

  For CBN Wheel

SG High Speed Drill

Titanium Coated Drill

Straight Shank Drill



SDC & CBN Wheel
Model NO. ECO-316 Motor 600W
Capacity Ø3mm ~ Ø16mm R.P.M. 6000 R.P.M.
Power Supply AC110V - AC220V
Single Phase (60Hz/50Hz)
Weight 13 kg
Grinding Wheel SDC#100
Standard Accessories
SDC Wheel #100 x 1pc 、 Handle x 1pc
Hexagon Wrench 4mm x 1pc 10mm x 1pc、Power Cord x 1pc、Fuse x 2pcs
Option Accessories
Order No.Description
ECO-316-1C CBN Wheel #100 ( For HSS drill ) Ø3mm ~ Ø16mm
ECO-316-1D SDC Wheel #100 ( For Carbide drill ) Ø3mm ~ Ø16mm
      • Install the power cord on the cutter.

      • Put the machine on a hard, level surface, then install the handle on the base.

 ***as shown on diagram #1

  • Lock the valve connector, then insert the pressurized blast connector into the air pressurized cooling system.

 ***as shown on diagram #2

  • Select the proper wheel and diameter of end mill drill Ø3mm~Ø16mm, put the end mill (drill) horizontally into the groove from right to left. Adjust the proper length for cut and tighten the base with Ø10mm Allen Key.

 Note: Make sure the end mill (drill) is locatched in V-groove.
 ***as shown on diagram #3

      • Switch on the machine.

      • Switch on the cooling system.

 Note: The usage life will be decreased if don't switch on the cooling system.
 ***as shown on diagram #4

Hold and raise the handle to cut off the end mill (drill).

***as shown on diagram #5

  • Touch the wheel with a slight push motion.
  • Be sure with very slight push motion during cutting process, don't be fast or slow at will.
  • To avoid the material fly away, be sure with very slight push motion while the end mill (drill) is going to be cut off.
      • Switch off the machine.

      • Switch off the cooling system.

      • Loosen the base with 10mm Allen Key, then take out the end mill (drill)

 ***as shown on diagram #6

Be sure to do every cleaning and maintenance well to maintain the usage life.

Note: Please switch off the machine while replacing the wheel to ensure the security!