Tool Arbor Type Quick Changing Magnetic Chuck SystemEEPM-CIRTA Series
Product Description
(Customized Product)
Product Introduction
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Electro-Permanent Magnetic chuck with precision tool arbor, can be used for automatic multi- round magnetic chuck precisely positioning exchange, flexible fixture scheduling can effectively improve the utilization rate of a small amount of various production lines.

  • 1~2 seconds control for power ON & OFF. No electric power supply required to keep magnetic chuck ON and provides maximized safety in case of power failure. Never get temperatures to affect the accuracy of workpieces.
  • The tool arbor can be customized for different specification magnetic chucks.
  • Used with induction blocks, available for 5 sides machining and un-obstructed cutter movement during machining. Allow workpiece machining finished in one cycle, while still achieving best machining accuracy and highly increased working efficiency.
  • The processing is carried out inside the machine, and the loading and unloading actions can be completed synchronously on the outside, which greatly improves the machine's productivity.
  • High-precision and high-rigidity tool arbor and broach mechanism design to ensure clamping tightness and reduce repeated positioning tolerances.