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Permanent Magnetic Clamping Block ECB Series
Product Description

Suitable for medium & large workpiece
(Can do 5 sides machining)

Patented:Taiwan M258824, Italy 1414610,USA us7, 224, 251, B2, Japan 3106264, Korea 0366170, Germany 20 2004 009 776.1, China ZL2004 2 0067865.1

  • The all new model Magnetic Clamping Block ECB Series are a new sense of clamping way for metal working on CNC Machining Center and Milling Machine in quick clamp workpieces.
  • Free to set up position, numbers and distance of Magnetic Clamping Block according to the size of workpiece.
  • The ECB Series including changeable Induction Soft Block. It can be revised the surface to be 100% accuracy on the machine for clamp workpieces. Can be also cutting, drilling, tapping and slotting directly to the Induction Soft Block during machining workpiece. Multi-function of Induction Soft Block, the user can make it by themselves according to workpiece required.
  • Two machining circle for finish workpiece machining, increase a lot of machining efficiency and achieve accuracy required.

  • Most suitable for medium and large size of workpiece machining on milling machine and CNC machining center.
  • Minimum size of workpiece required as bigger than an area of two Magnetic Clamping Blocks.
  • The Magnetic Clamping Blocks are not suitable for small workpiece clamping.
Height Total
(including lnduction Block) 
ECB-210  2100kgf±5%  30 115 134 155 36kg
ECB-120  1200kgf±5%  20 92.5 108 123 18kg
ECB-075  750kgf±5%  15 85 78 90 9.5kg
ECB-050  500kgf±5%  15 61 78 78 7kg