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Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck EEPM Series


Suitable for horizontal milling & boring machine on precision machining of divison.

  • Working Example
  • Features
  • Specification
  1. We changed traditional clamping way of Index Table. Made with Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck, can do 5 side machining, without any obstructed movement of cutters during machining.
  2. Super power magnetic force 1250kgf/100cm2+-5%. (4 Poles)
  3. Structure of Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck, 3~10 seconds control for power ON & OFF. No electric power supply required to keep the chuck ON. So no electric cable disturbed, can be turning freely.
  4. Magnetic power adjustable.
  5. Pneumatic system to rotate and fix the table, Easy and convenient to operate.
  6. Heavy Duty construction, built of FC35 cast iron. Suitable for heavy duty machining.
  1. Suitable for horizontal milling, boring machine on precision machining of division.
  2. Minimum thickness of workpiece riquired : 10 mm
  3. More functions for cooperate with lnduction Block and Spring Block. (See the detail of Option Accessories)