The slurry
Product Description
Strong environmental protection, polished, cleaned, antidiscolorationslurry (grinding liquid)
Product Introduction

1. The function of liquid : Prevent rust, polishing, cooling and cleaning.

2. If the surface contains too much oil, add an additional detergent for cleaning effect.

3. The slurry is attached with composition and safety data sheets, ROHS, SGS certification, and is compliance with environmental ;emission standards.

4. Packing: ① 5 gallon (=20,000ml) / barrel  ② 1,000ml / bottle

Order NO The main workpiece materials for application. 

Stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium category of non-magnetic materials (please dilute in 50 times of the water).


Iron, carbon-steel, etc. category of carbontype magnetic material and rusted material. (please dilute in 50 times of the water).